WIP: HMM Gojulas ver Khai


As “Wallet Hell” December month have just past, i end up with many kits and tools which i blame HLJ for their Black Friday sales weekends! This one however is from G-wing since buying this overseas will be the same or expensive than buying in local store since it certainly can’t escape customs tax with it’s considerable size and weight of the box which no doubt the biggest HMM that kotobukiya have produce and as always i’m itching to slap more guns on it!

It been awhile that i watch the anime so i don’t remember much in detail but i remember seeing this for the first time as a big menacing looking dino but the scale in the anime is quite screwed to compare since it inconsistent in some episode especially the deathsaurer which really the same height as Gojulas itself.

(Comparison between Gojulas and Sazabi ver ka)

Anyway onto the kit itself, i don’t have a hard time assemble it and as the usual kotobukiya fashion, there alot of details that require hand painting to do it justice on the amount of details that are provided on this kit. The tail certainly took a considerable amount of space as it about as long as the height of the Gojulas itself and surprisingly solid (for the time being) than the flimsy tail that you get from Ligers.


The biggest addition that i add right from the very start is the AC oigami cannon which attaced on the side of the booster and hold quite well with custom made peg that made of a pla-beam. Others addition includes Twin arm cannon from Dust Tactics models, some AC leftover option parts and 1/700 Modern russian equipment set which most of it serve like point defense turret for it.


Another one is the radar/sensor equipment which also from Dust Tactics models to replace the head handle on the Gojulas head which exist for some reason. Require abit of modding and fiddling to make it fit as it will colliding with the cockpit when open up if i haven’t done any modification.

Lastly was the teeth modification in which i want to make it more sharper but sanding down the teeth make it look worse so i have to consider make it out all of the sharpen teeth with pla-plate and remove the existing teeth which i haven’t done yet by the time i wrote this post.


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