High Grade

HGBF Bearguy III (San)


Bearguy-san is freaking everywhere nowadays especially after it appearance in the Build Fighter anime. The main reason people bought this was because the big bear head which unlike it’s predecessor, can swap face and open mouth gimmick to make it more cute or menacing depend on which eye expression you choose. Unfortunately, they only give 2 face plate which is not enough unless you buy multiple of it.


(The eye expression options)

The kit don’t require alot of commitment as it took me about a hour and a half with panel lining add another 30 minutes on top of that. The problem that i face is that the arm joint is quite tight to remove so be careful when you want to remove the arm and the neck is quite loose as it always pop out especially during posing. The Ribbon backpack is something a bit different (other than it’s a ribbon that is) as it made of rubber like material which i have a hard time to remove the nubmarks completely.






Angry mode on!




Death from above using Action Base 1.



(The articulation of the backpack)

The mouth have a hole for a 1/144 beam saber but i choose to use the Bandai 1/100 MS Effect part since i don’t have 1/144 ver but you can use it with cut down the size of the peg.



Certainly a great and simple kit to play around with and while it abit expensive than Bearguy before it, it still have enough addition to justify it. I can see it will be a popular kit for out of the ordinary and crazy customs like the previous bearguy. In Fact someone already done one!


4 thoughts on “HGBF Bearguy III (San)”

  1. I loved building Beargguy-San but am a bit annoyed at how easily the head comes off and the lack of poseability due to the weird weight.
    that said: if they ever bring out an MG version, I’d pre-order it!
    soooooooo cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute!

    1. Certainly agree with the weight issue but i like it on the stand in which i probably need to buy the new GBF AB which keep sold out here.

      I can imagine the MG version can be a suitable replacement for a teddy bear. XD

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