1/144 MSS Sinker


It been a while i have done any Zoid related kit which not that many to begin with. I have HMM Liger Zero Liger Schneider which i got around 2011 which by now the joint have give up which make the body just flimsy as hell and lose some part in it’s lifespan up until now. Another one was D-Style Blade Liger which is still in one pieces after all it’s year been abuse in pile of boxes, never got around to actually paint the details.

Anyway when i heard the new 1/144 scale zoids dubbed the MSS line (Modeler Spirit Series which is just weird combination of words) by Tomytec which mostly do miniatures railway sets. From what i see, they do a pretty good job on MSS line up to this point so i end up buying one just to experience it. This one that i have just got this off the mail last saturday and finish it the next day with just panel lining and flat topcoat.

It have the standard HG runner count with an absurd amount of decals that look like a waterslide decal which you don’t see this very often when compare to Gunpla kits. Another bonus is that there are some parts already pre-painted and pre-decaled with addition of a base which you don’t need to cut of from the runner unlike those Gunpla bases which i find it silly to begin with.



One thing to note is that look for the pilot figure as they just toss in the runner bag which i can’t blame them since it was super small!

The Completed Product
One thing that come into mind when i finish assemble it was that it was tiny! even the D-Style Blade Liger is bigger than this but the detail is no slouch either even for it’s relative small size.

There are two option to display this which is either remove the flaps with landing gear or just remove the centre flaps and put it on the base stand which certainly look great and the most optimal way to display it plus it don’t take alot of space.

Landing gear option

Base stand option

When it on the air is where you can flex it’s joints from moving the tail to wings.

You can extend the “head” to reveal the small pilot and have good range of motion as well.

(Compared with D-Style Blade Liger)

Based on my experience with this kit, this is a good alternative to those who have limited shelf space but want detailed and easy to build kit as HMM can be pretty intimidating to some and the HMM price range varied wildly for each Zoids from average to expensive which while with MMS is between 2000 to 4000 yen which is not bad considering the offering that as i said earlier.

Next up in the blog pipeline…


2 thoughts on “1/144 MSS Sinker”

  1. I love the decals and I love the relative poseability of this MSS Sinker.
    That is tiny however.
    Hmmmmm, perhaps I can get one just for 1/72 King Gojulas to play with?

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