1/100 Hover Truck Review (3rd Party kit)


Sorry for the lack of updates since i been busy with assignments this past months to write anything. So to start off this new year is the review of 1/100 Hover Truck from UC7 (or atleast that what i make of from their logo). I got this for my diorama scene which i planning for a while (which might or might not happen) and this one included 1st batch premium that from my understanding throw in another truck and Bazooka specially for Gundam Ground Type.

Hover truck do exist in 1/35 in the Platoon Command Briefing set from UC HardGraph line and 1/144 Ground War set but there also (if i not mistaken) a 1/100 Hover Truck resin from B-Club which by now is super expensive and hard to find. So this is a good alternative for MG scale diorama for base or rearm & refuel scene.

This pack include 5 runner which most of it was duplicate for the truck. A plate provide most of the truck body and come in two color to differentiate between the two.


B plate include more parts and provide parts for 2 configuration that you can do with the truck. Be warn that the branched antenna can be easily snap off.

Lastly was C plate for the bazooka which not sure if it was from existing design or this is their own design.

The construction was pretty simple but the manual sometimes confusing which can be annoying especially for small parts.
*Note for Step 6: That part is B7, not B1*


(This is the only page you need to completely assemble the truck.

The Completed Product
It only take my almost 2 hour to finish these but most of the time spend on finding small pieces that falling off the table! *shake fist*

The detail on the body was quite crisp but it seem look like a toy which maybe because of it’s mono color. Plus as anyone have experience with any bootleg/ china kits is that don’t expect this have perfect fitting and surface but no plastic flash or overflow luckily.
(In it’s two configurations)

Close up of the normal/ folded up configuration.




(The rear door can be lowered)

(Even the underside is detailed as well!)

Set up and command station configuration



The included bazooka as part of the 1st batch premium also looking great but as i said before, unsure if this from an existing design since i haven’t have Ground Type gundam. One plus feature i might add is that the handle is movable so that it easier for putting the rear part of bazooka above the shoulder.



(Astray will do…)

I have to say that it was a good value for money for what this pack provided (can’t say about the subsequent batch tho) and certainly a good enough kit for someone that prefer 1/100 scale of this subject than other scale in on the market now.


4 thoughts on “1/100 Hover Truck Review (3rd Party kit)”

  1. The bazooka’s actually a rail cannon which is included in the 1/144 UC Hardgraph release. (can’t say about the 1/35 one though). As far as I can tell, most of the plates look like a blown up version of the other kits with a few extra pieces of separation and detail. Pretty cool (but mannn that deployed antenna looks really long)! xD

    1. Never thought of the bazooka is a rain cannon but still good looking and yeah the antenna is quite high as it the same height as the waist of MG Heavyarms.

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