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WIP: MG Jesta rearmed again!


As it said on the title, the jesta have been changed armement again and first on the backpack layout.

Have to change it because the Koto grave arms arm’s setup always fall off in multiple occasion and not really good at holding Koto FreeStyle Bazooka so to fix that, i just basically use 1mm diameter pla-beam and just stick it to the rear top part of the backpack and it fit nicely to the hole at the bazooka. Other addition is the Macross backpack put on the side because it look cool and put extra shoulder cannon but it also mean that i need to drop the rear part of the shoulder missile banks to avoid mobility conflicts.


Another change is head modding. Bit inspired by Buster gundam and thinking like adding head vulcans like those in Macross but the ones i use now which is the MG Unicorn beam saber holder just too big and it will conflict with the bazooka when deployed so need to thinking abit more compact. Also add more armor on the chest by using HGUC NU Gundam HWS just to fit the gap at the side. Still need more trimming to do and pla-plating to cover up unnecessary open gap.



Adding on the Rezel shield with part of it’s arm for attachment. Require alot of trimming on the jesta ammo pack attachment to fit it. Adding macross missile pods and rezel gun to add extra flavour on it.


Other minor changes is adding another missile pod on the side of the massive missile banks on the side of the legs just to utilize the empty connection points.

A very important changes that i made is to replace the 3.0 hands to a much sturdier standard triple finger trigger finger split hand so it can hold the gun better and don’t drop like a drop of the hat!

2 prototype feature which i try to use is the tank threads on the rear of the feet using HG Loto and fin funnel using one of the Hi-Nu wings but upside down because it conflict with the backpack to attach it upright.


Even with all this crap been put on, it can still posing some what. XD


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