1/60 Bandai Injection Machine


To get a small break from all the modding works to something unusual from Bandai have produce so far, it was the Bandai Injection Machine which i got from the recent Gunpla Expo for RM 30 (i think).

For those who don’t know, This is the very machine that produce gunpla runner to feed our gunpla addiction worldwide. I think it only dozen of them in their factory (don’t quote me on that!) but you can read this excellent article (Part 1 & Part 2) about the tour around the Bandai factory in Shizuoka, Japan.

The content as expected is not that much with just only a runner, sheet of instruction and a sticker sheet.

The Completed Product
Only take about 30 minutes to finish it with panel lining. Make an error on putting on sticker on first then panel line which ruined some of the stickers but not too bad. Need to topcoat it but to lazy to do it now.

Even tho it was 1/60 scale, it about the size of a SD. So here some comparison with multiple grade of gunpla just to get an idea on how it fare.

(With Koto SD Blade Liger)

(With HG G-Bouncer)

(With my Heavyarms custom)

(On the same scale the PG GP01)

Certainly a nice and unique build but it not really easy to find it as far i aware but i kinda hoping someone bought a bulk of it just to make the Bandai factory diorama.


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