WIP: MG Jesta Cannon Proto (Name pending XD)

While i preparing for my entries for this year GBWC plus started studying in college, i began to cook up another Jesta custom in my free time but only this time is the MG ver!

As always i go for the heavy hitters mods and it have been gone through several iteration of weapons layouts to find the most stable mods since the problem i have with my HG Jesta projects was that in some parts can be prone to breaking which can be an issue when transporting this guy around since i plan to use this for competition for next year.

Here my very first mods when i finish snapfit the guy which consist of Buster twin cannons and FAU anti-ship missile pods. And straight away got a problem with it which that it hard to get the Buster guns to align since it will drop off if there no support for holding it plus there a fear of paint chipping with this kind of setup so i decide to discard this idea.


The next one was using the Destiny beam cannon replacing the Buster one’s, koto freestyle bazooka, HGUC Zaku Mariner shoulders and i-field generator from 1/550 Dendrobium. Much more stable but i find the beam cannon is just too puny for my liking and the Zaku Mariner shoulders don’t really fit with the Jesta design while i like the idea of shoulder missile pods. Also the koto freestyle bazooka is looking nice but i need a better way to mount it on the backpack since i just stick it with bluetack which suddenly i got an idea for that…

Which somehow become this Macross Missile Massacre mode!

Almost all the missile pods and machine guns are from Griffin frame arms expansion set, FAU grenades, get another koto bazooka (with FAU grenade launcher for good measure), and the MSG Grave Arms which i mainly use the arms feature for holding the bazooka.

Now to current setup, i added machine guns that provided from said expansion set on the backpack and the right arms, stack another missile pod at the side, beam magnum ammo at the bazooka plus make up a new gun which is a combination of MSG Strong Rifle, Grave Arms and Gattling gun ammo pack.
(The new gun)


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