My AB Setup

There some people that ask me what my AB setup, so let get started!
(Pretty awkward placement don’t you think XD)

I getting into the AB in a big way with buying a AB set that have compressor with tank (which i buy in Lowyat.net forum) instead of the the cheap turtle compressor set which while ok for someone to startup AB expereince without to much risk but i pretty much determined to do AB for long term because of my experince with using spray cans in that those have limited color selection, big spraying area (i.e can’t do indoor without stinking the whole room and possibly accidentally painting up the walls) and can took alot of storage space.

Here the compressor that i use which is china made. Pretty basic and compact which fit perfectly in my small room. Some might remember that this compressor broke down this mid-year because of my heavy duty usage (because i hell-bent to make sure the painting are smooth as possible). Now i have a fan to cool down the compressor much faster but still i need to stop if it’s too hot for comfort.

My main airbrush is the standard run of the mill double action 0.3mm gravity feed AB that was made in Taiwan. Still not sure if i want to upgrade to a much better airbrush like from tamiya, MR Hobby and the likes since it pretty much do it job well even tho i started noticing it’s spread was not tight which probably because the needle. Also i bought a cheap single action siphon feed AB during my diorama build of M61A5 since i using poster paint for it and don’t want to ruin my main AB. i find it very easy to clog up at the tip.

Even with AB,it still stink the whole room which is not good for health for sniffing paint fumes in a considerable amount of time. So later on i bought a 3M mask single filter which do it’s job pretty well.

Before i having any kind of spray booth, i usually just spray out the window which is not very comfortable setup and need to do a fair distance to spray or the fume will just push in the room. My first one is a cheap spray booth (more like a sucking fan really) which is only work if you spray pieces by pieces and not something big like a tank hull, also it doesn’t have any kind of barrier to stop the paint lingering to the side if you spray too far for the fan to suck it so i put a box around it to prevent that but it can be a little dark to see if you get the paint down pat properly.

It took me awhile to get a portable spray booth which cost a hefty sum but it certainly more usable and have a much powerful fan for large subjects in a comfortable distance plus have built in light.
(The one of the right is the first one)

Also have the airbrush cleaning pot that also serve as a stand.
(Midnight airbrush operation ^^’)

This is just only a year experience with airbrush and as you can see there nothing special about them. ^^


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