Painted, Weathered

Tamiya 1/35 JGSDF Type 10 MBT

Cover T10

Bit of background
Type 10 Main Battle Tank is the 4th generation MBT for the Japan Ground Self Defense Force (JGSDF) that will be replacing Type 74 and Type 90 MBTs. The public have seen the prototype in 2008 and the Japanese Ministry of Defense have ordered 13 of these in 2010 (Hence the name Type 10). These enter service in early 2012. The tank that will be replaced by it, the Type 90 was still a good 3rd generation tank but the size and weight prevent it to go through narrow roads or bridges in most of the urban areas, Type 10 is design to alleviate that limitation by scale down the size and weight of the tank while improving the firepower and protection. It also to keep up with the growing concern of North Korean regime and growing China military strength.

The rest you can google yourself :D.

This was my second attempt on a tank kit after the M61A5 MBT that i done from last year but this really my first time making a normal armor kit ie that it doesn’t have snapfit tech and rely on cement to glue the kit together which make an interesting and challenging build.

Prep Work
The instruction is fairly simple but you REALLY need to try to test fit pieces before glueing as it can save you from alot of trouble afterwards. It took me 2 days just to assemble it but that because i take my time to see where need glueing and where need to leave out glueing because of the inner details and clear parts that need to fit after the main painting process. Also remove the seamlines on the gun barrel but it lost some of the details because of sanding to remove said seamlines.

Also the tracks is made of rubber but very well detailed. They included a Commander and loader with this kit but i decide to skip that mainly because of the very intricate uniform pattern that they use which is much more complex than the tank camo itself!


The most hardest part of the build (for me that is) is the mesh for the turret basket that require 16 size of mesh which you need to cut accordingly with a help of a diagram to make up the basket! There also some mesh for the headlight but i leave that until after the main painting stage.

When all is said and done, it time for airbrush mode!



For the color i use:
Mr. Color ALM83 Dark Green – Base camo color
Mr. Color Wood Brown – Secondary camo color
Tamiya XF-57 Buff – Parts of the Machine gun mount
Tamiya Enamel Silver – Headlamps
Gaianotes Gun Metal – M2 Machine gun
Gaianotes Neutral Grey V – Rubber for sideskirt
Gaianotes Orange Yellow – Heandlamps
Gaianotes Bright Red – Brake Light
Sharpie Blue Marker – For clear parts

(Base coating + masking for second color)

(Masking part 2!)

After the camo and small details painting is done, time to decal it up. I use the 1st Company, Tank School Unit, Fuji School Brigade markings for this tank because it more interesting of the 3 markings that this kit gives. After bit of weathering works…









(Compare with the M61A5 in the same scale)

(Compare with 1/72 Leclerc T5 from DeAgostini The Combat Tanks Collection)

Final Thoughts
While it was a challenging build, it certainly not hard or make you want to throw it out of the window kinda things, maybe because i haven’t try the individual link tracks which really look a time killer just to assemble that alone!

Also, personally i need to study more on weathering technique because i need to do better at it plus know how the weathering reacts to the real things and probably expand my tools for it too since i still using the Tamiya Weathering Master set which is ok but i need more color varieties.


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