WIP: Konig Rex


Been meaning on getting 1/100 Rex kit from Kotobukiya since i sort of burn out on gunpla for the time being and want to try something new to built and bash :D. This modification was inspired by Konig Monster from Macross Frontier because of it overwhelming firepower with it’s quad 320mm railgun which to this day one of my favorite scene in that show.

I want to recreate that into the Rex, so have to get a proper overkill guns with it!

All the ingredients for the overkill recipe!

At first i was thinking on getting 4 of the Armored Core Weapon Unit 18 but hit a problem that it pretty hard to find those so ending up getting 2 of it and 2 smaller guns from AC Weapon Unit 15 as the substitute for the rest.




When all of them put together, i found that the Rex is a bit smaller than i expect it to be which made the AC guns look huge on it and i really need to fix the legs for stability and considering adding 2 smaller leg at the back for the same reason.

The gun placement expect the two huge ones is subject to change as i want it to look balance and not overcrowded in one area.



Also planning to give it a diorama scene with it which i haven’t decide which setting and scene to use. Survey around on the Miniarts 1/35 scale diorama sets in a shop but i find the base is quite small. Still haven’t survey the much smaller scale diorama like 1/48 or 1/72 scale but if i can’t find the appropriate size for it, i might end up making my own base instead.


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