LBX, Painted

LBX Orvane with Riding Saucer II


This was my first dip into the LBX kit lineups mainly because i curious to see how it differ from the normal gunpla. This was from what i can tell from the Danball Senki animes that featured little robots fighting each other in arena like battles, sort of like Medabots but much smaller scale (i think). Only watch a couple of the episodes but not really into it. As always i choose with the one that have firepower :D.

Prep Work

I find that the construction interesting because instead of choosing the runner you need in the case of assembling gunpla, they use a system that you break up the runner by section (ie arm section) so that you don’t need to have the whole runner take up space when assembling and it was made to be easily snap off the parts by hands.

At first i plan to just do a snapfit build but when i complete the assembly, i feel the combination of light and dark green don’t match with each other. So i end up painting it anyway. The list are:

Gaianotes Olive Green – Light green parts
Gaianotes Olive Green + Flat Black – Dark green parts
Gaianotes Dark Stainless Steel Silver & Tamiya Silver – Silver parts
Gaianotes Orange Yellow – Orange parts
Gaianotes Bright Red – Rockets
Gaianotes Neutral Grey V – Frame
Tamiya Black – Handpainted details





In term of accessories, it only have 2 holding hands(1 each side) and open palm for the left arm with some parts for the transformation to siege mode for the staff/gun. The leg is something that need to get use tho since it bit harder for it to stand because of the leg design. Also to line up the siege mode with the hand/feet can be a little tricky.


(Multi Gimmick Sack ? what kind of name was that ?)

Also i buy this with the Riding Saucer II which was stored inside the monocolor box that took 2/3 of the box.


The Riding Saucer is a bit bigger than i expected it to be, sort of the size of Crush Gear (If anyone remember that now :/ ). It come with a remote that they provided battery for it but you need 2 AA battery for the riding saucer. It come with 4 token and an arm so that your LBX will not send flying off across to the other side when playing around with it. From what i can tell it have 4 separate channel for 4 player so that it doesn’t clash frequency with each other when controlling.

(The remote itself)


(Compare to another firepower oriented mech, SD Command Gundam)

Final Note
I find this an enjoyable and refreshing build since it actually simple but effective and you can easily assemble one is a few hours. With the LBX lineup is keep getting expanding by the months i don’t see the LBX is stopping any time soon.


2 thoughts on “LBX Orvane with Riding Saucer II”

  1. Look nice after painting, and you did use the sticker provided?
    And the runner you mentioned was quite interesting, gunpla need to take out and arrange all the runner when assemble which I don’t like…
    With the remote riding saucer, this kit wouldn’t be cheap right. In term of firepower , SD Command gundam stand out more. 😛

    1. Yep use some of the sticker because too lazy to mask and it look ok. It cost about RM120-ish with the riding saucer but you can buy only the LBX with half of that price (i think).

      Can’t argue with the SD Command weapons XD

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