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WIP Galore!

After i finish the Heavyarms, i sit back and gather up all the projects that still in pending which i now realize that i forget some of them!

1) The Jestas
With the first one have been finish, i work on the other two Jesta which was in near completion which will be my enteries for this year GBWC (Assuming if there nothing urgent happen around that time).


The CQB specialist have been beefed up abit more from last time i touch it to add that the armored feel. Here the list of changes that i make on it:

– Additional plating using MS Panel 01.
– Change the front and side skirt from GM Striker.
– Using G-Exes backpack as side leg thrusters. (Which i basically just cut out the ball joint from the backpack and put it on the side)
– Using a pair of 1/144 MS Vernier 01 on leg thrusters
– Loto front skirt and Stark Jegan chest pieces for the chest.
– Arm armor pieces to serve as shoulder armor
– 00 Quanta knee pieces on the knee
– Using Stark Jegan arms and backpack
– Shotgun from Kotobukiya MSG
– 2 koto thruster at the back skirt
– Adding an Armored Core melee weapon on the left arm.



The leader type certainly have a major remap as i change it from just an improve Jesta to Jesta ZZ-ish. This alone have been using parts from 8 kits! Specifically:

HGUC ZZ Gundam – Backpack, Shoulders, Arm guard, Gun barrel, chest beam.
HGUC Delta Kai Gundam – Fin funnel, Knee spike.
HGUC Stark Jegan – Leg thrusters.
HG Gaia Gundam – Blade(?) part.
MG Unicorn – Shield.
HGM Dendrobium – The massive gun.
Jesta Cannon – Grenade pack.
HGUC Full Armor Unicorn (FAU) – Grenade pack.



On the shoulders, i using the ZZ shoulder to add the bulky look and because on it’s own it look plain, i adding grenade pack on it which look pretty nice. Also i replace the antenna with ones from Builder parts.



At first thinking using HG FAU shield but i find it way too tiny for my liking and it doesn’t add the sense of power on the suit so end up using MG Unicorn shield for it which also allow me to add some weapons mainly the gun barrel from ZZ Gundam into the shield and grenade pack from FAU to fill up the space on top. Luckily the hole and polycaps on the arm guard fit nicely with the shield connector. On the other side however is little tricky…



(Sand down the connector so it can fit in the underside of the railing)


Basically i use the connector for the Dendrobium gun, cut it in half and cement it on the arm guard and so far it give a solid grip on it without a sign that it will break. Also to spice it up abit, i put a medium size MS Radome 01 on it to make it as a sensor ala EX-S Gundam gun.



Speaking of the arm, the arm joint have been modified so that i can bring the shield and gun at the side without it looking awkward especially when bending the joint.


Backpack do need some serious work as i cut out (more like destroying really) the Jesta backpack and just leaving the connector. While that i cut out some on the inner of the backplate of ZZ gundam (that connect to the backpack itself) to make room for the jesta backpack connector and putty it all up to make sure it stay in place which is so far hold pretty well and as expected that it make the Jesta very back heavy. For the fin funnel, i cut up the unnecessary plastic on the fin funnel connector and just glue it on the side of the beam saber holder.


The leg thruster also having a putty treatment because of the hollowness inside which will make it glueing on the side of the leg hard. Also adding some vernier from kotobukiya to add more thrust. The knee spike look good but i don’t like that it was angled way forward from the MS so i pretty much sand down the connector and the base of the spike to make it more vertical. Also putty up the gap between the knee and the spike knee guard.



(From the right, before and after)

With those two out of the way, time to look at future (or forgotten >.< ) projects!

2) LBX Orvane

I actually have assemble this quite a while ago as my entry for a LBX group build. At first i was thinking on just doing OOB build but after assembling it i found out that i don’t like it’s dual green combo so i still planning on repaint it. Already set that one of the green will be olive green which i use on my SD Command Gundam and some on the Jesta HWS. Still try to find a suitable darker green.



3) HG Kshatriya

This was playing around the idea of kit bashing a Zeon suit since all i do up to this point is bashing loads of federation suit! I find this less than satisfactory since it only change on arm maybe i should just remove the leg and replace it with a fuel tanks.


4) MG Delta Plus Custom

This for some reason this always escape from my mind as this should be done last year and it was not even a difficult custom to do as it just adding Hi-nu fin funnel at the wing with a second gun from another delta plus (yeah i buy two…). My plan was to paint it black like the SR-71 to make it as a stealth fighter.

5) MG FAU Custom

This one was on hold since some of the things i try to do with this was out of my skill level and honestly it look like a cluster**** of stuff >.<.

6) Warhammer 40k Space Marine

Lastly was an unexpected gift that i get from visiting a newly open store Neo Plamo (which i might write about it) which also my first time seeing a warhammer figure and it certainly much smaller than i expect to be but the details for this small is amazing and kinda unnerving at the same time since it must be take patience to paint all those details! Still haven’t got around on getting paints for it.

With that all been said tho, i not sure that i will be finish all of these since i already planning on buying more MS like MG Jesta and Rezel type C and that not included the latest shiny that Bandai having in their sleeve in the future which might delay it even more!

For those who brave enough reading all of these to the end. I gift you a cute cat!


4 thoughts on “WIP Galore!”

    1. Thanks, kitbashing slowly eating up my money per kit tho >.<.

      Also just done the LBX Orvane today. I planning that i will finish the two jesta before Raya since there will be a shipment of stuff coming for next one.

      1. Kitbashing need a lot of model so expenses will be increase as well… That’s why I rarely kitbash, only used old broken model parts to do, the rest scratch build.

        These two Jesta look good especially the one with Stark Jegan’s backpack. Anyway hope you can make it in time and good luck for your entry. 🙂

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