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MG Heavyarms HWP (Heavy Weapon Pack)

This project have started shortly after i begin to modding my Nu Gundam ver KA which have done many months ago and for some reason been sidetracked with other projects (like 5 of them) before i get to finally finish this bugger.

Prep Work

There been several iteration on the course of 3 months before i settle to what i currently finish on. At first i only added another shoulder missile rack which i get the parts for it from Gentei Kits. I made it by using a stack of pla-plate to hold a brass rod with hinge made of a pla-plate and a runner on the other end so it can move around but need to remove the shoulder “hooks” to make room for it when it deployed. Then it expand to using 2 gatling gun from kotobukiya which i end up dropping one of them since i still want arm on one side and combine 2 of them on the other side is pretty tricky to balance with.

Another addition was the missile pods from HG Arios Gundam GNHW/M to the backpack with the loto cannon which i end up dropping that since it will bump up to the head and deployed shoulder missile pods. For the shield, at first i thinking using Arios body as the shield but it too big and always bump into the shoulders which is the same case when i get the kotobukiya freestyle shield which i thought will be smaller but it around the same size as the Arios and i dislike the hollowness of it so end up dropping both of them and use the existing shield instead.

For the color scheme, i based it on the original color scheme with a few changes here and there especially the orange part which i replace it with gold as the orange make it look toyish. Here the list of color i use which are all Gaianotes:

Pure White
Bright Red
Bright Gold
Star Bright Silver
Neutral Grey V (Inner Frame)
Flat Clear

Bit of a bummer that when painting, i lose 2 pieces which are the one of the foot cover and the chin which took me the whole day to find the foot cover but can’t find the chin part so end up making it out from a spare runner.

Use some of the sticker decal which i haven’t touch them for a long time and also do dry brushing with Tamiya silver enamel which was my first time doing it before sealing it with flat coat.


Full Burst mode!!!

In the end, i pretty happy what i done to it. I feel my dry brushing could be better on some places but it serve a good practice for future builds. With this finish now i can concentrate with potentially my entry for GBWC this year but it remain to be seen on how i present it with. Also to all muslim, Happy fasting this ramadan and don’t sniff the paint fumes too much XD.


2 thoughts on “MG Heavyarms HWP (Heavy Weapon Pack)”

  1. Loved the weathering on the shield and the missile packs, not overly done and just nice.

    And like many other ammo-depended units, hopefully there’s a rearm and support unit nearby.

    1. I imagine it will be run out in like a minute XD

      Rearm/ support unit sound interesting to do but never get around nailing down on what to do tho.

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