1/400 Gundam Collection: Ptolemaios

Took me quite some time from when i unboxing this to actually completing this monstrous kit! I have to say it much bigger than i expect it to be and even as i writing this right now, i still don’t have a clue to where put this without it bumping to alot of stuff.

Prep Work
This just a simple (mostly) OOB work with added some silver/ green details from sharpie markers on some areas and some serious panel line marathon on the whole kit which took me 2 days to finish that >.>.

(Side panel of the ramp)

(Second ramp)

One thing that i really don’t like about this kit was that some of the pre-painted parts have nubmarks on them which annoy me as there some that can be avoided just by moving them a few millimeter.

I added some decals from Bandai 00 decal set which i put mostly on the containers with their CB and MS markings. Finish it off with a flat coat from MR Hobby TopCoat which emptied two of them just to do a single coat on it.

Completed Kit

(Bit of the underside and where the stand connection on it)

The gundams themselves was actually made of rubbery or polycaps-ish materials which mean some of them are bended like the exia sword but i have to say the paint job on them was not bad with some paint spilling here and there. Kyrios is stuck with it fighter form tho.

This is the completed clear MS Container, i just snapfitted it but i don’t think i will be use it anytime soon tho.

To set up the launching ramp, first need to pop out the cover at the top of the hull between the rotating mechanism.

Pop out the MS from the container and pull it down when inside the hull.

Pop up the whole front part of the command bridge and ramp and then put the side panel inside.

Now Exia is ready to launch!

It can also do multiple MS launching from the ramp up to 3 MS by place them on top of the second ramp that they provided which you will clip it above the ramp that already inside the ship.

(A look from above)

Some the thing i have a problem with is that the command bridge will snag down overtime and there a gap when the bridge is lifted which i feel need to be closed with cloth or something as it look way too exposed.

(Size comparison time!, from the right to left: HG, MG and PG)

End Note
Overall i really like this kit despite it’s simple construction but i would imagine to paint the entire ship will be tiring given how huge the parts they giving and not to mention the space needed to display this piece. I hoping there will be some new released or re-release of this line especially the ships as i was very lucky to get it close to it’s retail price while other places you will see this have skyrocket price up to RM 1K! but certainly an eye catcher to any people shelf especially 00 fans.


Attack on Titan! Gundam Breaker!


6 thoughts on “1/400 Gundam Collection: Ptolemaios”

  1. Shame you can fit the HG scale. So Gundam Build Fighter lied because in the episode after Kuwaguchi’s battle against the Renato brothers, coach Alan called the ppse headquarters for the Exia build and you can see that it is stored inside the ship Ptolemaios which I assume this very kit featured in your site. Aside from that issue this ship looks cool.

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