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1/400 Gundam Collection Ptolemaios (Unboxing)

The 1/400 Gundam Collection lines from what i can tell have been discontinued for a very long time which is a shame since there alot of nice ships and MS which some of them already pre-painted like the Musai, White Base, Quin Mantha and METEOR just to name a few. I was actually very lucky to find this thanks to a friend that found a sale thread which have awesome deals and this is one of them. For those who don’t know, CBS-70 Ptolemaios (or Ptolemy) is the mothership of the Celestial Being for 1st season of Mobile Suit Gundam 00 and became the successor for CBS-74 Ptolemaios 2. I remember when i first saw it in the anime that it look like a whale with a ring on it’s body.

The box itself was pretty much PG size box, have the same height but lack the width when compare to my PG GP01 box. The box already showing it’s age but all the parts that i check is still intact.

The length of this ship in 1/400 was 63 cm long which certainly won’t fit in my cabinet that currently full. Abit dissapointed that they don’t include parts to make assault containers but they do have another extra in mind.

(Back of the box)

The content compose of 49 runner in total which also including the base and hull parts of the ship. Alot of it was have pre-painted details and include with plenty of panel line. 5 of those 49 runner was made of clear parts that can be made into one MS Container. It also included 4 gundams from season 1 that is also pre-painted and come with their own base if you don’t want to keep them in the ship.

(Sorry for the shiny plastic wrap as it much easier to put back in the box this way)

(The included clear parts)

While it was touted as pre-painted kit, it still come with stickers that make up the grey details on the rest of the hull. Come with a piece of paper which i assume list of clear parts you get with this.

The manual at first look like it will flip like a book but it actually one of those fold out manual that u see in HG manual now days but the cover was not part of it. The instruction from what i can tell is easy to follow and not that many to begin with.

That’s all for this unboxing, hope to get to assemble this tonight ^^.


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