Armored Core, Chogokin

Super Robot Chogokin Armored Core V UCR-10/A with Grind Blade

As i waiting for new kits that on my wishlist to arrive in hobby shops here, I decide to buy my first figure mecha from the most recent Armored Core games, Armored Core V. Until recently only kotobukiya (that i know of) produce armored core kits in 1/72 scale but it seem that they have stopped on Armored Core 4 and there no words from them on continuing this line. This however from Bandai in their Super Robot Chogokin line which are non scale figure that include some diecast part to add some heft and stability to the figure. This will be my first impression since i not very well versed with what average figure collector exception will be.

The figure itself come with 4 weapons, 4 hands and crotch connector for tamashii stage act. In the manual, it recommended stage act 5 as i believe it have ratcheted arm since this figure weight alot more than your average gunpla kit. The hand feel it was made of polycaps as you need to force the weapon handle to fit right in them and each hand is made to fit certain weapons. I like the weapons designs but only two can be placed on the mounting bracket on it’s shoulders (on the left side in the picture below).

The sculpt on this was very detail and i really like the head (small as it was) and the whole figure feel solid with no loose parts except the hand for the minigun which fall in the drop of a hat, even a light knock can send it falling to the floor which can be frustrating when posing around this figure.

(With it’s alternate weapons layout)

Posebility wise, the arm and knee can only bend 90 degree but i find the feet because of it design and made of diecast make this kit stand rock solid and i have no problem on getting the pose i want with those leg. The torso can move forward and back in pretty significantly so you can pose it as it was charging ahead but it do give some problem when it’s add-ons was added.

The gimmick that this have was that the shield armor can be open which also reveal pistons at the bottom of the shield.

(Jerry rigged mounted minigun at it side)

Try to use my stage act 4 on this but it can only work when the stand is vertical or it will collapse because of the weight but truth be told tho, it doesn’t look all that great when airborne.

But now we come to it’s optional add-on which have to purchase separately, the Grind Blade which look like a massive combo of chainsaws. It come with the weapon itself, backpack, backpack connector, arms for the weapons and 2 type of stand but with one base. (Was it that hard to throw in another base ?) The stand uses according to the manual is that the single pole ones is connected to the Grind Blade when in it’s close position while the wider one is used when you open up the blade in a single line.

For me i pretty disappointed on how it executed as there no clipping involve when you connect the arm with the weapons and the claws which look can be locked to the arm is really just for visuals and only the arm that connect to the backpack that provide support but that arm only can be move in one axis, ie you can’t bring the weapon forward only can be slanted vertically and it was pretty hard to get the weapon and the arm lined up on the right angle.

Also following the ingame uses of the Grind Blade, you need to remove the left arm so you can “connect” to the other side of the backpack arm as in to provide additional power (i think) but same thing as above, the clamps just there for show and there was a large gap between them which don’t look all that appealing unless you angle them to be hidden from view. Because of these i decide to keep the arm in place.

(The gap…)

Posebility wise, is pretty much what i expected really which is it can’t do all that much as since it a pretty large the weapons to begin with but atleast it bring up the menacing factor with it and it will bring the torso collapse backward unless you using the included stand to offset that problem.

While it was stated as non scale, it certainly fall into the HG gunpla size category but it short (head height wise) compare to your average HGUC kit but it certainly have the bulkiness that only some HG can match.

(With HGUC Zaku Mariner)

(With Koto 1/72 White Glint)

(With MG Delta Plus)

Final Note
I actually have alot of fun playing around this figure as unlike some gunpla, it feel solid and much sturdier thanks to it’s diecast parts but i would say unless you like chainsaws avoid the Grind Blade as it will take patience to get those cooperate and it’s limited range of motion is big knock against it.


4 thoughts on “Super Robot Chogokin Armored Core V UCR-10/A with Grind Blade”

  1. Definitely gotta get one of these for the shelf. Still wish a left-handed Grind Blade were available in ACV though. [/isalefty]

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