This actually a revisit of my last year project which was the one of the most difficult and rewarding project that i have undertaken to date as there alot stuff i haven’t done before at that time like camo painting, diorama building, airbrush control and figure painting.

Prep Work

(PT-91M MBT Pendekar which i based it on this project)

 photo DSC_0306.jpg
(During OOB build)

This project started with the tank which was from Bandai 1/35 scale U.C Hardgraph E.F.G.F M61A5 Main Battle Tank “Semovente” Phantom Element that originally come in tan color which for me kinda dull so i decide to spice it up with stripe camo that inspired by Malaysian Royal Armoured Corps specifically the PT-91M. I first apply primer and preshading it before painting up the camo. In camo painting stage, i do freehand airbrush since i can’t really plan out the pattern but do need to do some masking to get those hard edges pattern by using a small piece of paper and finger (yep, have “fun” cleaning painted fingers :/). I have to do twice tho since in my first try, i feel that the pattern is too spaced out from each other which by the time the second round of camo painting, the preshading is essentially non-existent. The color i use for this was Tamiya Nato Green, Nato Brown, Nato Black and Buff.

Beside the camo work, i done scratch building cargo compartment in the rear of the tank which made of 2mm pla-plate (which was way too thick for this job) with tamiya epoxy putty to fill up the rest and split the door in half so it can open/close. Added a plastic grill on the top of the compartment so it doesn’t look hollow. I don’t use all the etching parts for this tank as some it really small and troublesome to put ( i looking at those PE smoke grenade canister >.> ) but one thing i like to point out that don’t use super glue for the clear parts like the headlamps as it will fog up the clear parts.

 photo DSC_0395_zps85ad30d8.jpg

 photo DSC_0317.jpg
(For additional accessories, i bought Tamiya 1/35 Modern U.S Military Equipment to put around the tank and at the railings)

 photo DSC_0316.jpg
(Some custom made markings which printed from Samueldecals)

After the camo is done, painted some minor details with red for the signal lights and silver at some places with some very light sand weathering. and it was done.

 photo DSC_0464_zps6d4918d9.jpg

Few weeks (I think) after the completion of the tank, i started to do the diorama build with UCHG Anti MS Squad Set (Thanks to Gentei Kits for finding one). The infantry squad was painted with the same camo as the tank just by painstaking hand brushing every single piece. I also decide to paint the tank commander but with green suit and black jacket instead of the camo.

 photo DSC_0558-1.jpg

My idea for this diorama work was the infantry is setting up in preparation for attack with tank escort. During building this diorama, i refer to this when doing the groundwork which then i put fine sand and pebbles on top of the wet plaster. The grass was from shellac brush that painted green and cut in appropriate length and glue it with white glue. The plants was made from plastic aquarium plants that was cut up to fit the scale (hopefully…). I use watercolor on this to color the road and the dirt on the groundwork.

 photo DSC_0709_zps9fc24b23.jpg

Which turn to this when finished.
 photo DSC_0750_zps73685a8c.jpg
You can visit in my album for picture before the revisit. Also refer to this thread for more WIP pictures.

Now speed up to this week, i revisit this project to add some more noticeable weathering with combination of Tamiya Weathering Stick light earth and Weathering Master Set A so it look more appropriate for it’s diorama setting. The tree and infantry also receive similar treatment. Also rearrange some of the stuff on the tank and add a metal antenna that painted with flat black.

(Poor brushes that have been abused during this process)

Completed Work
Note to self: Need to buy a big light box.


The tank itself.

Final Note
I have learn alot since i done this project before especially in term of airbrush control and maintaining it since there a few mistakes i done in this project especially paint spatter that occur in several occasion which luckily not severe to demand a major repaint. In the end, this was my best non-gunpla work to date (lousy tree aside XD).