This was built during the GAF Nu Gundam Gauntlet which got sidetracked because i underestimated how much effort to complete the gauntlet. Sidetracked even more on the Jesta project :-\, just now i finally get back to it. It almost done just need to do some fillings and should be ready for painting. Also GHWP stand for Gundam Heavy Weapon Pack since the stock do not have enough dakka ;D.

As for the modification i done, i put extra set of shoulder missile pod and with custom joint so it can have quad pod on the shoulder, just to give some extra firepower. some more on the backpack which from stolen from Arios GNHW/M. Remove the right arm and stick the kotobukiya MSG minigun since the hand can’t handle the weight (It was much bigger than i expected…) and MSG Freestyle Shield as dual purpose shield and melee. Do need some massive filling on it tho.