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DeAgostini The Combat Tanks Collection: 1/72 Leopard 1 A2 (Weathered)

Now for something completely different that i just bought a week ago, this was a 1/72 Leopard 1 A2 from DeAgostini The Combat Tanks Collection which was a fortnightly release magazine that come with 1/72 tank model and a magazine that provide information of the tank you get in model form plus some other article on tank history like development and tank battles. You can check it out in it’s thread in Lowyat forum where they have a list of issue that each tank come with and some other useful tips.

The one i got was issue 23 that come with a Leopard 1 A2 with Italian army markings. My first impression on this was is very well detailed but have somewhat toyish tone color. It have a diecast (or i think it was) hull but the turret is made of plastic. For the base, it have the name and which army group it based on plus come with a clear cover to prevent dust goes into the model.

(To remove the tank from it’s base, you need a triangle screwdriver which sadly i haven’t found yet :/)

(Very unfair comparison with 1/35 M61A5 MBT XD)

The magazine itself don’t have all that many pages with just only 14 pages including the cover but it was a good quick read.

(one of the pages)

Because of the toyish look of the model itself, i decide to muddy it up with Tamiya weathering stick light earth, Weathering set A and Red Brown paint.

Since this was my first time to do a muddy weathering, it took me awhile to get it just right as the reference photo i found don’t really show much on the top of the tank.

Final Note
As i quite new regarding on diecast tank models, i can’t tell if the price is reasonable compare to others but it certainly the most common around here and with the price of RM 29.90, i don’t see any harm on trying one of them to see if you like it. For me i certainly impress with the details and looking forward to collecting more of it. (Another hobby that will sink my money tho ^^)


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