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WIP: Stark Jesta Part 1

First of all, i decided to focus on each on a time which make building much faster and don’t get burn out in the process so i decide that the stark jegan is the first on the chopping board. ;D

The current progress of it.

Separating the grenade piece since the top part of the rack is part of it and put a pla-beam to attach the loto missile pod.

Cut of the side and put pla-plate all around the empty space to hide the pla-beam when it connected.

Also i cut out the backpack gun housing for the side gun and do some modification on fitting. Can’t glue it on yet since some part will block the gun up if it was glued on first.

Remove seam lines on the arm, weapons, shoulder and some others plus put around pla-plate just to make the surface look less plain. Still need to add more i feel. Also fill up the hollow parts with epoxy putty.

For missile shoulder attachment it just use the Stark Jegan attachment and cut it up so it flush with the Jesta Cannon shoulder.

For color scheme, i choose on using dual green color for the body and black for the armor. As for anyone who was wondering the headgear color it was a tiger pattern.


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