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WIP: The Jesta Team

The idea on making Jesta team have been bouncing around ever since i got the HGUC Jesta mid (ish) last year because the special ops feel on it’s design and and i viewed as a great base kit to do some modification as it was a really simple design but it was certainly stand out that rest of the federation grunts plus not viewed as cannon fodder XD. But this idea take a backseat as i grabbing the latest shiny and diorama building project take a significant time and funds to finish it but i was actually glad that it get delayed because of the announcement of the HGUC Jesta Cannon which look it will fight with brute force, fitting for a heavy assault type.

Grab 2 of it and stock up alot of MSG/option parts/ kits in the process so that i can get this project rolling. Haven’t really decide on the name sadly…

Started with the one i’m most looking forward to, the  Stark Jesta (can’t think of a fitting name now ^^). Designed to be armed to the teeth with combination of  Stark Jegan and Loto weapons with it sole purpose is to levelling the whole area with pure awesome firepower :P.

Some modification is the placing of the multi-launcher which just by sticking the pla-beam into the side skirt polycaps but need to close up the hole so it cover up the pla-beam, put MG unicorn beam magnum sight on the laser cannon to make it look more appealing and put loto missile pod on the side of the grenade holder (let assuming it a missile pod) plus the cannon on the arm shield.Still considering of using the either the missile pod or 1/144 unicorn gatling gun for the right arm.

The second was the CQB specialist which i want to design to have some more armor but with additional thruster so it have better mobility even with additional armor put up.

Using the Stark Jegan arms since it have the armored look but since it use different joint system than the Jesta, have to use pla-beam to connect between the polycaps on the upper arm and the shoulder. Equipped with MSG shotgun and GM striker beam lance which i think is enough for it’s role. Additional thruster provided by the Stark Jegan backpack and G-exes backpack on the leg to akin sinanju side leg thrusters.

Finally was the leader of the team which i want to be a much better version of the standard Jesta.

Before & after modification

Fitted with new weapons in a form of MSG pistol and kitbashed rifle from MG Destiny which fit nicely to it which by adding scope from MSG shotgun and modified the front grip with Jesta rifle carbine ones. Still consider either on using the colt like gun or the revolver but i more leaning towards the revolver because the holster for it look much better than the colt.

Also added leg truster from Stark Jegan and 00 Quanta knee guard. I was thinking to give something like a sensor or radar equipment as he will command the team but nothing come to mind that fit the requirements. Also was debating on included the massive rifle cannon to it which look cool but it really hard to get a good pose out of it with it.

The “Barrett Sniper Rifle” for gundams XD

As for the color scheme, i haven’t really decide on either used the stock or a camo but since there a Gundamguy color scheme contest for the Jesta Cannon, might consider to use one of them.


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