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Loot Time! April

Been getting 3 package this week for my preparation for Jesta team project which are some option parts and 2 kits as kit bashing victim. XD

Firstly is from Gwing which are the Strong Rifle from Kotobukiya MGS series and i do expect it to be large (since they pretty much promoting it was 24cm long XD) but not this kind of large…

This seriously qualify as an artillery piece than a rifle for a HG kits. Quite reasonable price too from them, was RM 40 + free shipping

Second up was a Handgun Weapon Unit  from MGS which bloody hard to find because it was out of stock like in everywhere plus it was a last unit and China made small display case so that my kit don’t collecting dust on my computer desk. Both of these from Mgs2u

Play around with the handgun set but in the case with jesta here, need to sand down some parts on the hand to make it able to fit in the hole of the hand. Love the little gimmick these gun have especially able to pull back the slide part.

Lastly which arrive today was from HLJ which bought when they making a Bandai discount sale. Grab myself a HGUC Stark Jegan and GM Striker which to be used for kitbashing and some more firepower from MGS in form of shotgun and missile rack. Was going to order with the strong rifle but the time at the sale it was in backorder so i decide not to wait for it.

That all for today as i’m right now assembling these for test fit and hopefully able to do WIP post of these soon. ^^


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