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SD Legend BB Senshi Command Gundam

Change of pace from my Nu gundam project that now it finally finish and while still waiting for some supplies for the next ones. I decide to repaint this SD Command Gundam which have been sitting in my shelf collecting dust to paint up the detail it deserve.

Prep Work

(What it look like OOB)
(Parts layed out for painting)
(Before handpainting details)

This is a quick project to do (took me 3 days from start to finish) as i don’t do any mods like i usually done with most of my kits, just remove the seam lines on the big gun because i feel like it. As for my arsenal, i use Gaianotes olive green, bright gold, bright red, gunmetal, Humbrol silver and Tamiya nato black. Panel line with black fine pen and Tamiya panel line accent grey. Finish it off with a flat coat on the MS.

At first i use star bright gold for the yellow parts but i found it look too orangey or bronze like which i think don’t fit with the rest of the color.

Completed Kit

(The standard 360 shots)

(Ball Grenade away!)

(Full armor mode)

(Shopping cart of doom!)

Final Note

I quite happy on how it turn out in this simple project as it quite relaxing compare to my Nu project ( i blame the amount of parts it have >.>) even tho i do botch up some during the handpainting. The green for me certainly give it a military look while armed with many ridiculous weapons which fitting to a SD.

The kit itself is certainly great for a SD which have decent color separation while keep it simple to build. Don’t have that much articulation which can be expected for a SD (arm pop out annoying as always) but it certainly worth it as with the amount of accessories and combination you can do with the weapons plus the Legend BB Senshi lineup is getting better and better with each release and next up on the line will be Zakuto, a zaku samurai which look pretty snaazy.


3 thoughts on “SD Legend BB Senshi Command Gundam”

  1. Hi bro, I wonder which kind of Air Brush you used to paint your kit. The outcome look pretty nice and smooth.

    1. I use My Hobby STD Silver 0.3mm double action airbrush but i more believe on the technique on getting it which is just cover the piece with the color with 2-3 layers in fast side to side motion, just make sure don’t wet it up with paint since that will make the piece have uneven layer of color.

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