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RG Freedom


This is my first and only RG (in the time of writing) in my collection which was the iconic Freedom from SEED line that i remember fondly that i enjoy it back when the show aired in TV2 during my primary school time which at that time i don’t really understand the plot and just to watch MS fight each others plus the bad malay dub XD. At first when this announced and prototype shots available around the web, it was meh for me as it don’t really look all that great but as soon it was completed and suit up with decals it start to catch my attention and since i don’t have any RG kit at that time i decide to give it a shot.

Assembly Overview

Assembly is pretty much straight forward with some nice graphics and have some visual cue to help you out during assemble process which was much better than MG manuals. Be warn that some of the pieces are really small and some can break especially the face plate. After you assemble it, you have the option to either use the ZAFT or when it served with Archangel markings which come in massive sheet of sticker. I only panel line it and gloss coat the body while the weapon and the shield was flat coat, which during that time i was testing on comparing how the two type of top coat really look.


With all that said and done, here it is! I was very impress with the amount of detail Bandai can cram into this small model as it have the two tone white and color separation of a MG that better than it’s own MG that which to be fair it was quite an old kit. The stickers especially the shiny ones do make the kit pop more and in combination of the amount of panel line all over the kit which make the armor look much more pleasing to the eye and don’t make it look empty like MG The-O.


I also like how the shield connected as you can bring it forward and back without turning the arm around and while the connector at the elbow is a secure fit, they included the hand attachment that you can place inside the shield railings to make it hold the shield or you can keep it inside.



It come with 2 posable and fixed close fist for each arm, open hand for the left arm and trigger finger hand for the right. For it’s beam sabers, i think it was a standard 1/100 scale beam saber which Bandai included to make it much more menacing i suppose but it do look ridiculously oversize and can be combine into one, Dark Maul style. Lastly was the action base connector that fit into Action Base 2 and supposedly 3 that fit under the crouch but the last time i use it on Action Base 3 was that it was a very tight fit and it take me alot of time and strength to pull it out.


As you can imagine with the large backpacks that almost all the SEED MS have, it can be tricky to get it stand up properly but you can get some good pose out of it thanks to it’s joints.


But this is not Freedom made for, so it time to get it airborne! with the help of Tamashii Stage Act 3 to take advantage the flexible joints.


HiMAT full burst activate…

DSC_0088Upside down beam spam mode XD

Activate the beam sabers!!

When in it’s combine form, it can be a bit floppy at times.

Final Thoughts
While my reaction was not impressive on the looks initially, it started to grew on me when it was started to take shape that packed with details and variety poses it can pull off can be limited by your imagination.


3 thoughts on “RG Freedom”

  1. i thought you was born in 62? so when seed series was aired back in 2005, you only in your primary?

    1. Don’t remember the exact year when i watch SEED but pretty sure it was during my primary school time. (Also you mean that i born 1962 ?, that way off my friend XD)

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