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MG RX-0 Unicorn Gundam 02 Banshee Ver Ka


Another Banshee time 😀 but this time is a special kind of kit aka bandai hobby shop exclusive that designed to rob extra money from us , the Banshee Ver Ka or Final Battle version that released not long after the Banshee OVA release (which i cover the repaint work, my opinions and flaws on the kit on that post). In this post i will be talking about the difference of this kit compare to the regular Banshee.

This basically a Unicorn OVA body with Banshee head but it have green psychoframe which currently only available to Full Armor Unicorn, banshee head part, a runner of gold plated v fin plus more head pieces but also include the Banshee collar as left over parts and some yellow parts to replace the grey of the inner frame of the side leg, back and side skirt. A plus to this kit tho is shiny ver ka waterslide decals which great because using dry transfer is a nightmare for apply ver Ka decals (im looking at you MG Sinanju >.>).

They included a Unicorn ver Ka manual with a massive sheet of instruction and decal placement which as big as the box itself and for those who wondering about the knee bend, it use the OVA parts not the old Unicorn ver Ka.

(Unicorn mode)

I apply the same repaint work as i done to the regular Banshee but i don’t repaint the nice gold plated parts and the psychoframe which look much better than the transparent orange. Which also mean that i don’t have to worry about scratching the psychoframe paints when transforming.


Unlike the Banshee OVA that have 2 massive funky weapons, this using the unicorn standard armament which are the beam magnum and bazooka. Also added the Gatling gun from the Full Armor Unicorn which have been painted with the same color and attachment that make it possible to connect to the arm with the gatling gun even tho it kinda loose in the shield railings.


Don’t really like the bazooka all that much because in some situation it can look really awkward holding it as it’s handle don’t have a joint to adjust the position to make room for the arm to bend. After a few minutes fiddle around…

(Make transformer noise here :P)

Now it bulk out and fully armed up in the quest of defeating anyone in the vicinity. Enjoy the poses 🙂

DSC_0866DSC_0868DSC_0869DSC_0875DSC_0876DSC_0881DSC_0883Always like to do this ridiculous beam saber galore XD

Final thoughts
As this is an exclusive kit, it really hard to find it and i bet they will sure sell at “goreng” price even when i preorder this kit it cost me about RM 350 (yeah…) but you can certainly make it your own without buying this but that depend if you have extra money to spend as you need Full Armor Unicorn for the psychoframe and Banshee OVA for the rest to make it happen and even then you will miss out the gold decal and gold plated runner. (unless you buy the Banshee Titanium ver which was pricey on it’s own)

Also happy chinese new year to all of you and have an enjoyable holiday. 🙂


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