High Grade, Modded

HG Age-2J Triple Bullet


To celebrate the first post of this blog, i will be showing Age-2J Triple Bullet which was my first kitbash which was combination of Age-2 Normal, Double Bullet and Beginning Gundam J (I will call them N, DB, J respectively). This idea was all began when i reading along GundamGuy posts to find some inspirations when i read some of the comments i found which along the lines of “this will look great in combination with Beginning J” which hit me because it will work because since both are red and the pilot itself prefer dual wielding so i go give it a try.

This was also my entry for the Lowyat X Pla-zone “Back to the Basic Group Build” which you can find about it here.



What i done is that using Age-2 DB as the base kit and by adding N beam rifle and shoulders while taking Beginning J swords, knee cover and arms to make it look bulkier.

(Waverider Form)

This also my first encounter that lacquer paints don’t work well (atleast for me) with hand paint technique as it always tend to dry up fast which will throw off the optimal paint:thinner ratio in matter of minutes and the constant adding more thinner/paint is just too troublesome for me to handle even to this day. There also a mishap that i accidentally snap off one of the J swords when sanding down the nubs which sucks but i do cement it together but the scar is still there.


Even at the time my handpainting skill is still novice, i do paint some small details like the thrusters on the bottom of the feet and the calf missile pod while also panel line the whole kit for good measure. The decal was from samueldecals Age-1 waterslides decal just to spice up the kit more and finally finish it off with Bosny gloss clear coat which the only thing i have at the time.



The kit while have no problem standing up, the polycap in the torso that connect to the shoulders do get wearied off because of the shoulder added bulk but can still hold it poses in some degree just it feel flimsy. The J arms while look good but it’s hand cover do limits the angle you can pose with it’s swords and making holding the rifle look awkward.

Because Dual wielding is too mainstream how about quad wielding instead 😀


While my lack of skill have shown in some parts, i do enjoy making this as it was my first step to modding and making me want to do better works in the future. Some might have seen this before as it was exhibited during the Gundam Mid-Year Contest 2012 in Sg Wang Plaza which was my first time ever going to this kind of competition which i have the pleasure to view their best works, even some of the junior entries was impressive by themselves.

I hope this was a good post, C&C was welcome 🙂


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