Welcome to my blog which i will share some of my projects (and backlogs :P) also what going on in gunpla news.


2 thoughts on “Welcome!”

  1. GREAT web site/blog and EXCELLENT modeling skills.

    I really loved your 1/700 Kaga. I did the same thing for the Izumo and Kaga and then bought an entire group of 1/700 escorts, including the AOE Masha. Basically replicated the escorts I have from the JMSDF in 1/350 scale.

    Here’s a video of the result:

    Do a search for me (Jeff Head) on Fine Scale Modeling’s forum for a lot of my own builds, or look through my very many videos on my channel at youtube


    that’s for my Jeff Head channel.

    Anyhow, thanks a lot for some great hours of browsing. I bought the 1/350 scale Akizuki. It is a resin model. They now have a 1/350 scale Asahi (DD-119) out too in Resin. They make GREAT models…but the resin makes them very costly. I will save my money for the DD-115 though.

    Hope to hear from you some time.

    1. Thanks for the comment and i do read about your 1/350 build before as i research some ship for my planned carrier strike group build.

      I really want to get the 1/350 Akizuki but it hard for me to pull the trigger for that because of the cost assuming i could find one that is.

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